Chief Technology Officer

Are you a big thinker and ready to lead a very technical business to the next level?

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What does a CTO role look like in a technology company the size and makeup of Razor? Good question and one that we hope to articulate first.

The Razor CTO is expected to;

Be a Big Thinker
Thinking big is seeing the globe rather than a field. It is to understand the wider picture and have a vision of where things are going. Taking in information from numerous sources and have the ability to pool ideas together to form a view and opinion.

This stretches from borrowing other people’s ideas, combining them and developing lateral ideas that break the logical norm through to forming our own new concepts and offerings.

A key success to this is the ability to be able to articulate these big ideas and begin to validate them.

You need to be able to tell the story in an engaging way and produce buy-in from the team and the wider community including potential new customers.

Be an External Facing Technologist
An external-facing technologist has the majority of their focus looking outward into the industry, absorbing, processing and understanding new technologies and trends.

You can think of it akin to an iceberg spotter on a boat, constantly on the lookout for new ones, ensuring the boat doesn’t hit one and that a safe passage through is achieved. You aren’t in the engine room but you have direct communication with them and understand how things work and what information they need. You understand the flow of the water and how wind has an effect and can use all of this information to make the right decisions at the right time.

You keep your finger on the pulse and review the wider technology landscape. You take this information and use it to guide the technical direction of the company.

You go to technology conferences and represent Razor by conveying Razor’s opinions at these conferences.

You write and your opinions matter.

Own the Technical Strategy
Building on from being an external-facing technologist, you own the technical strategy. Using your wider knowledge you will ensure that the strategy is on course, fresh and being fulfilled.

Things change fast and it is important to keep on top of the strategy.

You will take information from your team, your own experiences and external sources to keep it relevant.

You will be able to communicate the strategy in a simple way and ensure that the actions of the strategy are clearly defined in a measurable way within the teams.

Define, Refine and Drive Processes
As the business grows, it will get harder to achieve consistency across the teams. Processes help to retain consistency and also drive efficiency. They are also helpful in the learning process especially for newer members or less experienced members of the team.

Processes need to be created and updated. You don’t have to do the work to create all of these, you have to be the person who makes them happen when you decide they are required.

Have a Strong Commercial Understanding
The business always wins. There is no getting away from this and little way to push against it. Understanding the commercial impact of a decision is important in this role.

You need to have a good understanding of how the business functions and what things impact the profitability of the business. Having a deeper understanding of the commercial mechanics helps with strategic direction, sales and delivery. It helps to understand when to say no, and when it is right to say yes. When to invest and when to stop.

Help Steer Technology & Tools Adoption
The business is Microsoft focused and that isn’t going to change in the near or even mid future. The things we do in the Microsoft space are. We don’t really know what the future holds so we can only go on historical changes.

This is related to the strategy and being externally facing however it is more of an implementation level. It’s knowing when is the right time to start doing something and importantly HOW. This is a combination of commercial understanding and judgement on technical maturity.

What is the market wanting, how is it wanting it and how do we go about delivering it at the right time with the right confidence factor. How does this also align with our public message and direction?

The timing here is essential to its success. Too late is hugely detrimental, the ship has sailed and we are then lagging behind, too early is less detrimental. Base on a 70% level of clarity, you will never get 100% certainty.

Think right now about a brand new technology - should we? If so when? How? Why? Commercial value?

This is your judgement. You won't be right all the time but that's OK.

On to you… We know that we are asking a lot of someone for this role and we don’t expect you to have all of this covered on day one.

Right now, you may not be in a CTO role but you could be a very senior and experienced developer. You may be heading up a department in a tech company big or small. When you see this “5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99” you will probably chuckle to yourself.

You will need a really solid technical background and we would expect you to still get your hands dirty every now and then. You will need to have a good commercial understanding. You may have run your own business or consultancy or be an ex-contractor or freelancer.

What to expect from us?

We pay you well and care about your development. We are flexible and offer flexible working hours. We understand that you are human and have a life outside of work. We don't expect you to slave away - we want you to be productive and happy.

We have a great working environment that is close to Sheffield train station and the centre of town.

The inside view of the Razor Sheffield Office

We will give you some of the best people to work with. People who you will be able to teach and who you will also learn a lot from.

The work we do is vast and varied and almost all targetted at Azure. We work on high scale concurrency ticketing platforms, IoT platforms with stream processing and big data analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, cross-platform native mobile apps, bots, API's and of course websites.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries and have a clear vision of where we are going and who works well in our team. We are growing a culture with people who share our beliefs and want to enjoy the technology wave with us.

Razor is a place where you will be pushed to reach your full potential.

Are you ready to take the next step, to learn new things and to be pushed to the next level?

Send an email to [email protected], and we can continue the conversation from there 😎

If this has got you interested, you can read more about the benefits of working at Razor.

If you are a recruiter and read this far, we feel that we may have wasted your time for a change 😉. Please don't contact us, we will contact you if we want to. We hope that you appreciate this and take heed.

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