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Working with the AMRC

30 July 2018 <> Written by Jamie Hinton Tagged: Industry 4.0 Sheffield University AMRC manufacturing

As a business well-versed in helping companies implement technology that drives efficiency and effectiveness, we’re perfectly positioned to help manufacturing and engineering firms progress their projects.

At Razor, it’s a firm belief that technology starts with people, so we always work closely with our clients’ employees when developing their solutions. It’s this, combined with a focus on line-of-business and automation which has enabled us to establish a reputation as a partner that helps businesses to achieve results.

Recently we’ve been working on a number of projects alongside The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Amongst other things, the AMRC brings together digital and technology companies with manufacturers to help drive forward innovation through research and the adoption of technology.

This has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to delve deeper into the engineering and manufacturing industries, talking at events, and discussing how technology can work with people, rather than replacing them, to enhance business processes and performance.

Establishing and building a relationship with the AMRC and their digital team has opened the door for us to build credibility and to reinforce our positive reputation within the industry. Building relationships and partnerships such as this are absolutely crucial for encouraging innovation and collaboration across industries.

We’re now one of the AMRC’s first ports of call when they need someone to help move digital research projects on to the next stage. This could involve taking their prototype and getting it ready for production, ensuring it performs as designed, to the right scale, and that it’s perfectly integrated with the existing systems and infrastructure, so that it works as well as possible when put into practice in the enterprise. The projects that we’ve been involved in to date have included using complex data to enable automation, making processes quicker and easier. What we do is integral to making these projects successful, taking the plans and projects of the AMRC and making them a reality.

The AMRC have over 100 industrial partners, including Boeing, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and Airbus. Working with the AMRC is fantastic and it gives us an opportunity to collaborate with some of the UK’s leading companies, helping them to solve problems, drive innovation and use technology as a valuable business tool. It’s also enabled us to demonstrate that we’re a valued partner, helping to implement ground-breaking projects and helping the manufacturing industry to thrive and move forward.

Because of the sheer scale and complexity of the projects we are involved in, much of what we’re working on will not be fully realised for a number of years, which goes to show how cutting-edge and significant this work is.

By doing what we do best – developing, integrating and implementing technology, and ensuring that usability remains, we’re helping to progress important projects, taking a solution into production, and allowing the manufacturers that we work alongside to focus on other aspects of their projects.

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