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Vision, mission, values and culture have always been important to Razor.

We defined and documented them in the very early stages of the business to ensure that our essence and our ‘why’ was captured (for more on this, take 18 minutes to watch this excellent Ted Talk that Simon Sinek gave).

Much of what we captured in our early days still rings true today, but as we've grown and as our industry has continued to evolve, we realised that we needed to better articulate who we are and - perhaps more importantly - where we're going.

Now that we've done this, you may have noticed us being a bit more vocal about why we're here and what we believe in:

Now you may be thinking "Vision, mission and values are nothing new, lots of companies have those" and you are right, they do. But they only mean something if the whole company believes in them.

At Razor we refer back to ours in everything we do, including our recruitment process. Our aim during the process is to understand your why and to uncover your alignment to our values. We assess this along with three other factors; ‘wants it’, ‘gets it’ and ‘has the capacity to do it’. These are things that are incredibly difficult to fake. We firmly believe that if you are aligned with our values, you will be a good fit culturally and have an aptitude to learn. We can’t teach you why but we can teach you how.

Unsurprisingly, we also go through the same process when we're looking to work with someone new. When we align culturally we get stunning results, exemplary results, ingenious results (you get the idea!)

You can find our Vision, Mission and Values on the Who we are page of our site. We felt that this was the most fitting place for it, as people are central to everything that we do. Alternatively you can visit our studio and experience it for yourself!