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Technology Stacking - the key to better results?

5 August 2019 <> Written by Jamie Hinton Tagged: Continuous Improvement Marginal Gains AI Digital Transformation

If you’re in the tech sector, you may have heard the phrase ‘technology stacking’ before, but what does it really mean? If you Google “technology stacking”, what comes up is a list of links to “tech stacks” such as LAMP or MEAN.

However, we’re not referring to software bundles such as these in this instance. What we are referring to, is a technique more commonly practised in behavioural science and habit cultivation, called habit stacking.

Habit stacking is more about understanding how small changes can reap big rewards. It’s about identifying a positive habit, and then tagging on something new that is equally beneficial. Grouping together small changes using this technique makes it far easier to form a habit than forging one from scratch - the key is consistency.

Let’s take a common example. When you wake in the morning, you may be in the habit of washing your face. You could then drink a glass of water straight after, thus introducing a great way to improve hydration at the start of your day. This is just one example, there are many more positive actions you can introduce or ‘stack’ onto existing habits, as an additional bonus. If each action was treated as an individual habit, it can be overwhelming, but by treating your entire morning routine as one habit, it becomes easier to remember, and easier to stick to on a consistent basis.

Technology Stacking is a relatively new phrase, confirmed by the lack of Google results. We use the phrase to describe instances where technologies are building on other technologies. A very relevant example of this could be 5G. 5G, if you didn’t already know is the fifth-generation cellular network that promises to provide much greater bandwidth to mobile devices.

5G on its own doesn’t really offer true transformational properties, what you can stack on top of it, however, does, and its potential is massive. 5G is 100-250 times faster than current network technology, and reduces the latency from around 100-200 milliseconds to 1 millisecond or less. This huge leap is what makes it possible to run almost real-time activities remotely, in a connected environment. Just think of the implications this has on self-driving cars, remote drones or even gaming. There will be no lag in communication, enabling cars - including those with real drivers - to communicate fast enough to predict or even prevent accidents, reduce traffic and more. This type of connectivity unlocks limitless potential on mobile devices. Real-time processing of data from IoT devices can then be conducted remotely, speeding up response times significantly. The potential this unlocks moving forward is incredibly exciting.

Technology Stacking and the new opportunities it creates isn’t always obvious. For example, advances in optical sensors or X-Rays, have the potential to unlock advances in AI in computer vision. What’s important to understand is the convergence of technologies is causing critical inflection points, that businesses can either capitalise on, or lose out on. They can advance by taking advantage of them, or ignore them and face potential irrelevance.

In order to stay relevant, businesses need to capitalise on Technology Stacking. It’s no longer the big beating the small, it’s the fast beating the slow. If you believe technology can enhance your business, and you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, the Razor Sprint could be exactly what you need to stay ahead of your competition. It is designed for people who want to make a change and take action, rather than just think and talk about it. Get in touch, so we can see what we can create, together.

The number of patents has risen by over 100% in the last eight years alone, providing clear evidence that we are experiencing growth curves, within growth curves, presented by Technology Stacking In our recent paper entitled What every CEO needs to know about digital transformation, we explore this concept in more depth.

Download the whitepaper now, or contact us to find out more.

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