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We recently gave a media interview about the world of technology, from data security, to artificial intelligence, to why we’re people, not tech first.

When asked about the recent Facebook data security scandal, we discussed the repercussions that will likely be felt as a result. With GDPR on the horizon, data security has been on the agenda for some time, but following the news of the mass data breach, awareness has increased even further.

People are becoming much more cautious and conscious of the need to safeguard information, it’s no longer just businesses or the tech-savvy. This is set to be felt in other areas, presenting barriers to businesses and the technology sector as a whole, which risk being stunted by the increasing difficulty of accessing data. It’s a fine balance. Whilst consumers should be rightly protective of their personal data, it can be used as a force for good.

We live in an increasingly digitalised and technology reliant world, and while it’s true that businesses should be looking into tech and how it can make their business more efficient and effective, it’s vital that it’s the right solution. In the article, we explain why we believe that businesses shouldn’t just implement technology for the sake of it, they should find the right solution to help meet their business goals and objectives.

Similarly, we don’t think that putting tech before people is the best approach to business. Whether it’s your employees or your customers and clients, we place a great deal of emphasis on the need to keep people at the heart of business. By considering how tech can be used to help your employees to work more efficiently, or to better meet the demands of your customers, it can better support your business.

To find out more about what we had to say, you can read the full article on the Yorkshire Post.