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Do you need a scientist?

27 April 2017 <> Written by Gabriel McNeilly

At first glance there might not seem to be that much crossover between science and software but when it comes to software testing, you might just find a scientist could be a valuable addition to the team.

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Do you Kudu?

6 January 2017 <> Written by Nick Briscoe

How we use Kudu to allow our testers to deploy the most up to date code to an internal environment that matches our live Azure configuration.

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User testing like they used to

25 May 2016 <> Written by Simon Scott

What to do when your users are niche and budgets are tight. It’s amazing what a bit of paper and perseverance can do!

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An infinite number of monkeys...

21 January 2016 <> Written by Iain McShane

How can you be sure that a system will handle thousands of users without having to recruit thousands of people to test it?

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ISO29119: Why we think you can’t standardise testing

30 June 2015 <> Written by Iain McShane

Our thoughts on the ISO standard for Software Testing.

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