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Seasonal Shenanigans & Marvellous Merryment

8 December 2014 <> Written by Simon Scott Tagged: entertainment fun go-karting

An oft-discussed topic around this time of year is the office studio Christmas do. We knew we wanted to fit in some gastronomic merry-making but that alone would not satisfy our appetite for seasonal shenanigans.

Avago Karting

We got thinking; what could we do that would act as welcome exercise to relatively new-starters Iain and Nick (hi guys!) and also ready us for the festive season? After many random suggestions such as a James Bond film-a-thon and a trip to the Owlerton dog track, someone suggested Go-Karting and all other ideas were quickly shot-down – we were clearly onto something.

On the 6th of December, 5[1] of us headed to Avago Karting in Swinton for 50 laps around their indoor circuit.

It was a disciplined race with some restrained overtaking and only a few bumps and scrapes at the hairpin bend. On the chequered flag; Jamie finished in first whilst Iain took second place and scored the fastest lap. Scotty took the third podium place, with Steve and Tim in 4th and 5th respectively.

The Razor Jam team

Averaging around 20 seconds a lap it seemed to end all too quickly, but needless to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed it; it certainly got us in the mood for further festivities.

As we start to slowly wind-down for Christmas, we have the lower-octane festive meal to look forward to which we’ll all be tackling at a more leisurely pace.

[1] Poor Laurie wasn’t feeling up to it after battling a vicious cold all week, and unfortunately, Nick had other plans that day.

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