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We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded supplier status under the G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework, as part of the Digital Marketplace.

From October, public sector organisations will be able to access and buy our services through the government framework. It’s fantastic to be selected as part of the initiative, which seeks to help match up suppliers and businesses, based on services offered, way of working and specific business requirements.

The Digital Marketplace enables public bodies to search for services covered by the G-Cloud frameworks, making it simpler for them to find suitable technology partners. This removes the complexity of the procurement process, meaning that it’s quicker, more cost effective and easier for public organisations to access our services. We’ll then be able to help these businesses to develop their cloud-based solutions and existing software, apps and technology.

Not only does the framework benefit public sector businesses by providing quicker and easier access to tech services and solutions, but it will also enable businesses like Razor to establish relationships with public organisations and bid for government work more freely. It’s a great initiative, helping to open the door for SMEs to work more with public sector organisations, widening competition and enabling greater innovation.