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To understand AI, learn first about human evolution - or the lack of it.

16 November 2020<> Written by Jamie Hinton

Jamie Hinton, CEO of Razor - the cutting technology company - brings a new perspective on why humans fear an AI future

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‘It’s a marathon not a sprint’. In technology, we just sprint.

29 September 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

The process of introducing small proven ideas (small bullets) and huge hits (cannonballs) is the way to innovate – and as a technologist, I would agree. As a human, I’m not interested in blowing anything up – not even my competitors. I much prefer to see innovation in healthier terms. Often people will say ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ but in tech, we sprint. We sprint over and over again until we’re ready to sprint on the stage that matters - the marketplace - speed matters.

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The power of asking how instead of why

20 August 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

Ever noticed how once you start asking ‘how’ instead of ‘why’ you get to the root of the matter and the blame and excuses disappear? As soon as we hear ‘why’, deep-seated synapses in our brains get to work and we are on guard.

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AI is no match for human kindness, but it can certainly bring it to life

20 August 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

The debate around the future of artificial intelligence and what it means for humanity is very much alive. It probably has been since 1927, the year Metropolis was released. If you haven’t seen it, the film stars a humanoid robot intent on world domination and human slavery. As you can imagine the robot doesn’t go down too well, and so began our difficult and ever-evolving relationship with AI.

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A demo of Cosmo bot in action
The MoM of all Apps

How Razor took a failed idea with potential and turned it into a reality, making Market of Mums the ultimate social selling platform for parents to buy and sell their children’s unwanted clothes and toys.

Houses drawn on post-its
Guaranteeing the success of your next digital project

How exactly do you guarantee the success of your next digital project? The answer to this question is simpler than you might expect: you start with Discovery.

12th July 2019
What every CEO needs to know about Digital Transformation

In this paper we explore the right approach to digital transformation and expose the pitfalls.