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The only way Track & Trace will survive is by winning over hearts & minds

30 June 2020<> Written by Jamie Hinton

There has been a lot written on the technical and security implications of the UK’s answer to a Covid-19 Track & Trace app. But are the creators missing the most important element of any development? If you’re not sure what it is, it’s most definitely human adoption.

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How To: Facial Recognition

12 February 2020 <> Written by Laura Smythe

Learn how to create a system that can detect and identify faces from a real-time video stream that only uses open-source tools and runs on a Raspberry Pi

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Mind the (Skills) Gap

30 January 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

Razor University is an intensive three-month training plan for individuals who are less experienced that helps accelerate their learning capabilities so they are ready to step into their chosen careers, whether that be software development or testing.

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Hello, World! Getting Into Tech with Razor

23 January 2020 <> Written by Zoe King

Zoe King describes her journey into the world of tech with Razor. Having studied Genetics at university, she undertook a Code First: Girls python course before joining Razor as part of the Razor University. Zoe explains why working at Razor has been such great place to start her tech career.

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How Big Data Analytics is Transforming Industries

20 January 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

Jamie Hinton discusses how big data analytics is transforming a whole range of industries and how both predictive data analytics and real-time data analytics play an important role

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How Consumer Expectation is Driving Digital Transformation

15 January 2020 <> Written by Jamie Hinton

Jamie Hinton explains how digital transformation is being driven by consumer expectation and why it’s time to start adapting to advances in technology to find ways of incorporating digital transformation into your strategy.

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A demo of Cosmo bot in action
The MoM of all Apps

How Razor took a failed idea with potential and turned it into a reality, making Market of Mums the ultimate social selling platform for parents to buy and sell their children’s unwanted clothes and toys.

Houses drawn on post-its
Guaranteeing the success of your next digital project

How exactly do you guarantee the success of your next digital project? The answer to this question is simpler than you might expect: you start with Discovery.

12th July 2019
What every CEO needs to know about Digital Transformation

In this paper we explore the right approach to digital transformation and expose the pitfalls.