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It’s safe to play with Razors

8 August 2016 <> Written by Jamie Hinton Tagged: creative digital partnerships agency

Razor Jam has always been focussed on using technology for transformational impact. We integrate existing systems, develop tailored software products and have helped some of our clients launch entirely new businesses. In doing so, we use techniques and technology that many agencies are rarely exposed to.

A couple of years ago we used to pick up the odd project from agencies who were either over capacity or lacking the skills to meet a particular brief. This was nice as it provided a bit of variety for the team; one day they’d be working on a complex payment system integration and the next day they’d be working on a high end fashion site.

As these requests became more frequent - and more challenging - we realised that we had an opportunity to provide a unique service:

We could take the skills we use for delivering business critical systems for our clients and partner with agencies to apply them in a more creative environment.

We love the work we do with our clients, but we also love the variety that our agency partnerships bring, and that’s why we’ve launched <a href=>Razors.

###But, why? You may well be thinking “why not just go direct instead of partnering?” The short answer is that we just want to focus on what we're good at.

<p data-pullquote="we just want to focus on what we're good at"

We’re not professional marketers, creative designers, account planners or brand strategists. We have agency backgrounds so we understand those people and how to work with them, but it’s not us. We’re software developers, system architects, user experience and interaction designers, performance and security testers.

###What does this mean for our clients? Nothing. We’re still here, we’re not going away and we’re not going to change what we do. However, if you need help and advice with your brand, marketing strategy, SEO and content or planning a live event we’re happy to introduce you to one of our specialist agency partners.

###What does this mean for an agency? It means you don’t have to worry about whether your team really knows how to develop an application that will cope under high load during a campaign. It means that when a client tasks you with creating an immersive hyper-local experience, you don’t need to know that we’ll develop a mobile application that utilises machine learning and Beacon technology; you just know that we’ll have the answer.

That’s why it’s safe to play with Razors*. Head over there now to <a href=>see how we can work together.

*Don't play with actual razors. That's properly dangerous.

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