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Break into Tech #AdaLovelaceDay

12 October 2020 <> Written by Razor
Break into Tech #AdaLovelaceDay

If you didn't know (you should know)...Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - a group of fun disciplines popularly known as STEM.

Right now, only a quarter of the UK tech workforce is female. Shocking right? Ada Lovelace Day does the good work of increasing the profile of women in STEM by creating new role models who will encourage more girls into the industry. The campaign also supports women already working in STEM, all year round. So if you haven’t already, find out more about it!

To mark the day, Zoe King, one of our Test and Data Analysts at Razor has shared five of her top tips on how to break into tech on this Ada Lovelace Day.

Get involved in a tech community

Being part of a community with a passion for tech can open doors to not only new skills but also links in industry. During University I joined the CodeFirst Girls community where I developed my Python knowledge but also made connections with many other women in tech. This is great for sharing ideas but also for finding job opportunities.

Make something cool

If there’s something that you think would be a great idea or an idea that already exists, but you can think of a better way to do it – do it! Even if it seems unachievable to begin with, you’ll learn so much along the way and you might inspire someone else to do the same. Your ideas are valuable, and employers will be interested to hear them!

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Even the most experienced developers have been in your position at some point. Everyone starts somewhere! Sometimes it might take a little longer than expected to find an opportunity, but it will be worth it in the long run. Always remind yourself why you started.

Share how awesome you are

No matter how big or small you think something you’ve achieved is -- share it! Employers will love to see anything you’ve done creating a portfolio of work on a platform you can share is ideal but even the little wins are worth sharing. It will also help you see how far you’ve come which is a great motivator!

Be prepared to keep learning

The tech industry is constantly changing. You will never know ‘everything’ because there is always something new to learn just around the corner. Staying in touch with the latest tech will keep you in the know and will impress employers. Don’t get left behind!

Find out more about what it’s like to work at Razor, we’re always looking for humans of all kinds who want to see tech differently, join our mission and do amazing things!

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