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Ada Lovelace Day: A Career in Machine Learning

12 October 2020 <> Written by Laura Smythe
Ada Lovelace Day: A Career in Machine Learning

From a female software engineer on Ada Lovelace day...

The women of Razor are sharing their thoughts this Ada Lovelace Day on what to consider when thinking about a career in tech. This time, Laura Smythe, Software Engineer specialising in Machine Learning and Data brings us her wisdoms, it’s all about being yourself, enjoying it and learning as much as possible!

Find something you enjoy

The tech space is large with so many different roles and opportunities, it can be difficult to know what you want to do.

Look for something that interests you and that you enjoy doing. It could be game development or designing databases or creating complex technical architectures. The best way to be good at something is to enjoy doing it.

Be yourself

It can be tempting to try to mould yourself to the space you find yourself in but your value is in your uniqueness.

Diversity is important in companies because of all the different viewpoints that are brought to the table. By being yourself you are contributing unique ideas and also opening up the space for more diverse personalities to come through.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

You might think that asking for help shows a lack of knowledge but it's really not the case. Nobody expects you to know everything.

You will be working with people who have years of experience you can and should learn from. People are more impressed by somebody who asks questions and is eager to learn than somebody who is too stubborn to ask for help. The reverse is also true, if you have knowledge or experience with something then share it and help others out!

Did you know only a quarter of the UK tech workforce are female! Ada Lovelace Day does the good work of increasing the profile of women in STEM by creating new role models who will encourage more girls into the industry. The campaign also supports women already working in STEM, all year round. So if you haven’t already, find out more about it.

Find out more about what it’s like to work at Razor, we’re always looking for humans of all kinds who want to see tech differently!

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