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Meet the Razor Test Team

2 December 2021<> Written by Razor

What is software testing, you ask? It’s a good question! It sounds like something people have a vague idea of, but the reality is there’s a lot more to it. It’s not just pressing buttons and seeing if something doesn’t work (don’t you know?) While testing does look for errors in products before they reach the customer, it also involves making sure the product matches its own expectations, whether it functions the same way across different devices and platforms, making sure that once the product is in the hands of the user, it works as it’s supposed to, without any gremlins lurking in the code waiting to cause havoc.

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What on earth is a service blueprint?

12 October 2021 <> Written by Danny Tomalin

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24 May 2021 <> Written by Aidan Minton

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