Design Lead/Senior

There is no place in this world for ugly and frustrating software.

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There is no place in this world for ugly and frustrating software.

Simplicity is hard, the easy path is to make something more complex and convoluted. The hard but right path is simplicity.

We have a unique opening for a special type of designer. If you don’t like to be pigeon-holed as either a UX or UI designer and enjoy the broad spectrum of the design process all the way from understanding through to implementation, then this should get you excited.

A Design Lead/Senior at Razor uses their skills to ensure that the solution as a whole is appropriate rather than striving for perfection in each discrete discipline.

We focus on putting people first over technology. This is why we conduct research first before we dive in. We understand that we don’t know everything and are open-minded. We ask ignorant questions and cut to the core.

To us, user experience isn’t a “job done”. To us, it’s a journey and a cultural belief. Everyone regardless of role has a unique perspective on what is usable and what isn’t. Your role is to channel the direction and encourage broad feedback. To do this, you will be well versed in the design process and have plenty of experience developing personas, conducting contextual enquiries, creating wireframes and user testing your designs.

We know that we are a rather techy bunch and this role is no different. You will need to be a spot on front end developer, you don’t have to be a JavaScript legend, we have talented developers to take that further, we need you to be brilliant with HTML, CSS (SASS) and the surrounding design tooling. If you are into 3D, VR and AR, then great, you can expand the knowledge that we already have in this space. If you are into animation and illustration, brilliant, you can get to explore this deeper.

The role isn’t all Wireframes, personas, HTML and CSS. It is broader than that. You will get to conduct contextual enquiries and facilitate discovery workshops and everything in between. You aren’t on your own - during the process you will have a team including a delivery lead and a technical expert at a minimum.

The design team are an integral part of the process. Each member of the team has a speciality and we embrace the diversity of knowledge and expertise and are keen to continue in this way.


  • Develop concepts and digital prototypes
  • Design and develop solutions for bespoke software
  • Plan and deliver client workshops
  • Create high-quality workshop outputs including personas, user journeys and wireframes
  • Working closely with other designers, developers, project managers and all members of the wider team
  • Stay up to date with design standards, trends and tools
  • Deliver client and internal design and front end development work as and when required
  • Create component libraries and design systems
  • Present ideas for system design improvements
  • Assist with specification documents
  • Represent our UX, UI and front end development expertise to the outside world
  • Deliver in line with our processes, tools and techniques to enable us to be efficient and profitable
  • Own the creation of marketing materials


If you have experience and know all of these then bonza, if not, don't worry, you will get to know them. This is what we are looking for:

  • Experience using Figma, Adobe CC Suite
  • Experience using Miro or similar
  • Experience of HTML/CSS/JS
  • Experience using TailwindCSS, Bootstrap or similar
  • Demonstrable history of planning/leading client workshops

Now let’s get to the most important bit of this - you! You may currently be in a similar role looking for a new adventure or the next challenge. You may be in a slightly different role but have a passion and the traits to explore something new. We don’t expect you to have a degree or have 10 years of experience doing exactly this and we certainly don’t expect you “know everything”. We are looking for the following traits:

  • Be able to extract the simple from the complex.
  • Be able to plan and facilitate.
  • Are creative and enjoy challenging the status quo.
  • Are technical.

Let’s delve into each of these in a bit more detail.

Extract the simple from the complex This is possibly one of the most difficult skills to have and it all boils down to asking great questions, listening and then asking deeper questions. It’s almost like using first principles to cut to the core of the real problem. This takes knowledge, experience and tenacity to excel at.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in this yet, and we can help you on the way - we just need you to want to get great at this.

Plan and Facilitate We aren’t expecting you to be a project manager - far from it, what we are looking for here is to understand what tools to use and when. What to ask and who to ask. Be confident to facilitate and extract the good stuff.

Creative No surprise that this trait is important. When we say creative, we mean lateral thinking. It’s a given that an experienced designer can create the simple and beautiful - the creativeness that we are referring to here is the different thinking, the type of thinking that comes out of extracting the simple from complex and asking how and why to then forge the creative path forward.

Technical Razor is a very technical place and to thrive you have to love technology. Being interested in pushing your technical skills and having the attitude of “I don’t know it, yet” will put you in a great place as you will learn fast.

The inside view of the Razor Sheffield Office

A little bit about us and Razor. Razor is a technology consultancy. Strangely for a technology consultancy, we put technology after people. People come first which is why we always look to understand first, then respond. We don’t have a single product and we are constantly developing the future. We help organisations develop strategies and forge the vision of their future and we create disruptive and sustaining innovations. We work with the latest technologies and move quickly. The pace is fast, really fast and we have a lot of fun on the journey.

We believe that we have a strong positive and energetic culture. You will hear phrases like “leave your ego at the door” and “go forth and do something and ask for forgiveness if it doesn’t work”. We pride ourselves on encouraging people to push the boundaries and to have autonomy. We provide the direction and support, you bring the passion, energy and ideas to help us get there.

Some might refer to these as benefits, we don’t, we believe these are the basics;

  • Great Salary.
  • Attractive Pension (4% matched contribution).
  • Generous Holiday.
  • 35-hour working week.
  • Flexible working (remote and hours).
  • Healthcare cash plan.
  • Enhanced maternity and parental pay.
  • Cycle to work scheme.
  • Employee benefits scheme.
  • Season ticket loan scheme.
  • Free breakfast, fruit and monthly team lunch.
  • Regular social events.
  • Mental health and wellbeing programme.

The real benefits that are harder to replicate;

  • Greenfield isn't an anomaly and is commonplace.
  • The latest technology and practices. Not just tinkering but used in the real world.
  • The opportunity to grow and be pushed.
  • A tech business actually run by tech people.
  • A culture of mentoring over management.
  • Real, true authentic passion and love for what we do.

There are more benefits of working at Razor.

You are interested, aren't you? Of course you are, who wouldn't be! We bet that you are thinking, what do I do now? The answer; get in touch.

Drop us an email at [email protected] or if you fancy having a bit of fun, register your interest via our fun little API and we will get the conversation started!

We can't wait to hear from you 🙌

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